What is Zysys about?

After realizing that the basic ideas and foundations of Zysys have not been written, I have decided to outline them. Here they are: We want to best help the consumer of technological goods to get the best of their tech tools. We want to strive to change the technological community We want to make the […]

ZPU Systems Is Back!!!

After a long while of staticocity(?) we are back to our old selves. We have been slightly preoccupied. We have been developing new ideas and new ways of revolutionizing the world (like VIRTUAL REALITY, GOOGLE WAVE API, and more fancy tech jargon). Well we hope to be seeing you soon and we hope you like […]

Run!!! It’s Downadup!!!

“What are you talking about Zach” you might be wondering. With the recent news coverage, you may have heard about it, but may not recognize the name. Does the Conficker Worm seem familiar? If not, freak out or continue reading (I recommend that you continue reading).

In Need Of Beta Testers

What the heck is a beta tester? Well, a beta tester is a person who tests out a program that is close to completion and is checking to make sure that it is compatible with different versions of different operating systems (like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X Tiger, Mac OS X Leopard, Linux […]

Password Security

How often have you been asked for a password? Most people are prompt at least once a day. If you use a computer, you are probably aware that passwords, like passcodes, keep your data slightly safer. It is like an ATM code. Most people keep their passwords simple to remember and as a side effect, […]

Philosophy Idea #2

Philosophy To Live By: Before you meet someone, don’t be afraid of judging them. If you do judge them, always revise your judgings to better suite who they are and, soon enough, you will know them and be able to better communicate with them.

Disable Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) — Video

Discovered New Feature on iPod Touch

Did you know that if you press the lock button on the iPod Touch and the home button at the same time for ~1 second, you will see a breif flash of light and hear a snapshot sound. If you check your photos, you will have a screenshot waiting for you.

Check Your Clocks!

In case you didn’t know, at 6:59:59 pm eastern time (December 31, 2008), there was an extra second inserted. 6:59:59, 6:59:60, 7:00:00. Make sure you adjust your clocks by that one second ^_^

Philosophy Idea #1

Philosophy To Live By: No matter what you believe happens after death, there is no way of knowing for sure. Live your life in the present, but keep in mind that there might be something after.

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