Run!!! It’s Downadup!!!

“What are you talking about Zach” you might be wondering. With the recent news coverage, you may have heard about it, but may not recognize the name. Does the Conficker Worm seem familiar? If not, freak out or continue reading (I recommend that you continue reading). Conficker is a worm that does what every other worm does, but uses some interesting methods of calling home. A worm is a type of virus that spreads through security holes in your computer and/or network. This worm also spreads onto USB devices. This could include a Flash Drive, external Hard Drive, a Cell Phone, and any other USB device. Apple Users, don’t worry. The only thing that the about 8 million of infected computers can do is slow down the internet, but not infect you. Conficker has an algorithm or pattern for creating a web address and it checks about 250 addresses a day for a program from its creator. Once it finds a program, it downloads and executes the program. This is its call home method and this is what makes it dangerous. This virus can easily be prevented by doing Windows Updates and updating your anti-virus software. Run!!! It’s Downadup!!! Quickly, do Windows Updates and update your anti-virus software (if you don’t have one, go and download free anti-virus like AVG Free) and if you can’t access Windows Updates and/or certain security sites then you might have Conficker. If that happens, there are tools out there to remove it. Windows offers a malicious software remover and Sophos offers a Conficker Removal Tool.

Good Luck!!!

Click Here To Go To The Malicious Software Removal Tool

Click Here To Go To The Sophos Conficker Removal Tool

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