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When was the last time you had a technology audit? Let Zysys review your infrastructure and try and save you money.

Choosing a Laptop

With technology where it is, most people use phones and tablets to do most of their tech work.  The average business person uses a desktop in the office or a laptop.  Because of the momentum of tablets and phones, laptop development slowed quite a bit…especially given that many started copying Apple’s designs.  This overview, written […]

What To Do When Your Gmail Account is Compromised

So you’ve been hacked or someone sent an email using your account without your permission. Often times, these attacks create phishing emails and send those emails out to people in your contact list.  Don’t be a jerk, rectify the situation immediately.  Here are some steps to take ASAP to remedy the situation.

Optimizing your Mind

Do you want to optimize your mind so that you can process information so much faster you can do so much more in so much less time? Do you want to achieve inner peace? Do you want to find out how to do both at the same time? Using methods from personal experience, I will help you achieve both inner peace and an optimized mind. Are you ready to change your life for the better?