Design Beautiful Code

zedram-codeAs professionals, we believe that our work should be at the highest caliber (so does everyone).  So we’ll outline a few things we do with coding in teams, algorithms, perl, perl6, and javascript which makes our code beautiful.

Coding in Teams:
-Use Version Control Systems (namely git)
-Task Management Systems (namely asana)

-Follow Occam’s Razor
-Solve the cause of the problem, not the symptoms
-Find where the problem isn’t and don’t look there
-Documentation (Read the Zysys Documentation Guide)

-Use Perl::Tidy
-Use Common Modules for simple things

Perl 6:
-Follow the Zysys Perl6 Style Guide

-Use jslint
-Use Zysys LoadJS
-Use external libraries to make code clearer (specifically jQuery)