Scalable Infrastructure

6317955134_16f3976414_oWe all need the ability to grow our businesses without fear of destruction.  What could be worse for a brand than having your site go down during a boom of popularity.  You are deemed unreliable and unprepared by your would-have-been future clients.  Zysys has scalable infrastructure that can meet your needs.

Zysys infrastructure can be a private software repository, to a large site serving millions, to a payment system, to an internal network.  We can make your vision a reality.


The current existing packages we offer:

Zysys Hosting

Custom Computers

Custom Software/Webware (Simple to Artificial Intelligence)

Outsourced CTO Services

Technology Audits

General Technology Consulting

Personal Education

Server Management


Zysys is constantly revising the technology we use to do business. Amongst others, we currently use:

  • git & github
  • perl (software and web-scripts)
  • php
  • html
  • css
  • javascript/jquery
  • WordPress
  • MediaWiki
  • Linux, Mac, Windows
  • vim

Find out what we can do for you or your business to save you money.


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