iPad is an iFad

In my opinion, the iPad is a waste of money. Those are somewhat harsh words, but rightfully so. The iPad is a tablet nettop. If you don’t already know how I feel about nettops…to be nice, I think they are absolutely terrible wastes of money. They are giant iPod Touches, just without the form factor and more obnoxious. I had the opportunity to experiment with one. The typing is absolutely awkward and the only thing that it will revolutionize are big pockets. It becomes very awkward to type and hold the device. Apple sells a keyboard for it, but if you were to bring a keyboard with you, why not just bring a laptop, it is a lot smaller and easier to use. Apple messed up and the only reason why people like it is that it is from Apple. That said, Apple did a great job marketing it and there are a few good things about it. The best this about it is the screen size. It is brilliant for watching movies and many apps have been reworked to take advantage of the iPad’s hardware. If Apple was smart, they would make the iPhone with iPad hardware. They should also make some the apps on the Mac OS look similar to the apps on the iPad (iCal in particular).

Well, those are my two cents. What do you think?
SNL’s Weekend Update described the iPad launch as a new device that ushered in the era of “people buying things to find out what they are.” We all know this is true. Example: Sample Discussion of the iPad:
“Oh, I want that new iPad.”
“Why? Its just like a giant iPod touch.”
“Well…its cool.”
“The only thing it will do is force the invention of giant pockets.”
“Well, I want to be able to play Scrabble┬« on it.”
“Good move. Spend $400 on a game of Scrabble. Smart.”
What do you think of the SNL quote? I like it…great satire! What do you think?
Looks like I was right. The iPhone 4S has hardware comparable to the iPad and OS X Lion has redesigned some of the core apps to look like iOS.

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