What is Zysys about?

After realizing that the basic ideas and foundations of Zysys have not been written, I have decided to outline them. Here they are:

  • We want to best help the consumer of technological goods to get the best of their tech tools.
  • We want to strive to change the technological community
  • We want to make the world open source
  • We strive to provide the best service for the lowest price
  • We are honest with our clients about their technological issues and blunders
  • We want to educate the world about technology in order to enhance and speed up technological advancements in the world
  • We want to innovate
  • We are a company run by the ordinary person
  • We believe that everyone has the ability to be technologically savvy and everyone has to start somewhere
  • We want to help the world
  • The difference between most companies and Zysys is that most companies are looking for a profit. Zysys knows that with innovation and trying to work with the consumer and working for the client, profit follows.

Our slogan is “We are the future of technology…”  Zysys is run by ordinary people for ordinary people and we, the ordinary people…every last one of us, are the future of technology.


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