Optimizing your Workspace

Your workspace is, ideally, an extension of your mind. We must remember the Einstein quote, “If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” At the same time, Thomas Leonard said, “Clarity affords focus.” How do we reconcile these two into an optimized middle ground?

Optimize Your Workflow

When it comes to getting things done, most people have a duality of opinion, either you focus on one thing or multitask. ¬†There are pros and cons to both like focus (higher focus in the single task) and speed (higher speed in multiple tasks -kinda). ¬†Interestingly enough, I disagree that these are the only two […]

On Internet Law

Internet Laws are foolish. Internet Laws are nonsensical agreements by nations on an anarchist medium. Internet Laws should not exist. Now, I will justify these statements, but I must first say that these views are mine and mine alone; these statements don’t necessarily reflect the views of Zysys. I will be discussing: SOPA, PIPA, and […]


Yes, this is a post on bullying, but I can promise you that this is not what you expect. By the way, I think I should express that these views are mine and, although I would like them to spread like wildfire, for now, they are mine and mine alone. Bullying is stupid. Both sides. […]

Microsoft Needs Security Help…From Apple

Wow Zach, that’s a little obvious. Of course Microsoft needs help with security from Apple…haven’t you seen the commercials? Well, I have and Linux is just as secure because it too is built on UNIX (Hence techies like myself calling it *nix…* (an asterisk) represents any character(s), U and Li both work here making it […]

What is Zysys about?

After realizing that the basic ideas and foundations of Zysys have not been written, I have decided to outline them. Here they are: We want to best help the consumer of technological goods to get the best of their tech tools. We want to strive to change the technological community We want to make the […]

Philosophy Idea #2

Philosophy To Live By: Before you meet someone, don’t be afraid of judging them. If you do judge them, always revise your judgings to better suite who they are and, soon enough, you will know them and be able to better communicate with them.

Philosophy Idea #1

Philosophy To Live By: No matter what you believe happens after death, there is no way of knowing for sure. Live your life in the present, but keep in mind that there might be something after.