Optimizing your Workspace

Okay, so to begin our Optimize Your Workflow series, we start with your workspace.  You workspace is, ideally, an extension of your mind.  We must remember the Einstein quote, “If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”  This perfectly explains how we should treat our workspace: optimized at all times.  So, lets talk action tasks.

Action Tasks for an Optimized Workspace:

  1. Optimize physical space: make it physically pleasing to you because you are the one working there.
  2. Optimize negative space: so try and make your workspace as empty as possible as to clear out the clutter.
  3. Optimize your working space: try and keep your work confined to as few areas as possible (don’t spread out or spread up because it makes all your work look much worse and then it will clutter your mind).
  4. Optimize how your work gets done: your work should be executed as if your mind is a rapidly moving stream; get everything out asap before it drowns, but we will talk about that in the third part.

So, this isn’t the most intricate of concepts, but it is definitely important.  Without a solid workspace, we can’t work, so remember, it isn’t about keeping your workspace clean, but rather optimizing it, so you can get the most productive work done with it as possible.

 “Clarity affords focus.”  -Thomas Leonard

The series will continue with Optimizing your Computer.


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