Microsoft Needs Security Help…From Apple

Wow Zach, that’s a little obvious. Of course Microsoft needs help with security from Apple…haven’t you seen the commercials? Well, I have and Linux is just as secure because it too is built on UNIX (Hence techies like myself calling it *nix…* (an asterisk) represents any character(s), U and Li both work here making it easier for us lazy techies). What I am talking about is the registry. Windows registry is a dangerous, lazy tool. I say it is lazy because it is so easy to replicate a database without actually using it. If a virus gets into the registry, consider it brain cancer…save whatever memories you have, time is almost up. Apple has all their applications sandboxed, so there is no need for a registry.

The next update of Software Maintenance will be completely sandboxed. Putting an app in an isolated environment, were it is self contained and really less likely to harm something and really unlikely to be harmed, or in a sandbox, is a good way to reduce viruses and increase security. Sorry folks, there is no way (for now) that will allow you to automatically sandbox apps in the ways Apple’s design allows (please correct me if I am wrong), but developers, PLEASE sandbox your apps. I am currently working on an application that replicates artificial intelligence and, although the program won’t be ready for a few years (excluding hardware integration), I am sandboxing it so it is cross-platform, quicker, and more secure. Developers, instead of using the registry, create a hidden file database with a custom extension (ours is ZPU), so you know what it is. Create processes that read and write to these databases. And, lastly, develop open source apps because they will become more secure with more developers and more input from the community of users, testers, designers, and programmers. Sandboxing apps makes it easier in the long run to develop. You don’t have to worry about another application ruining your program, but the application becomes cross-platform (if you use cross-platform modules/libraries).

Summary of why you should sandbox your apps:

  • Makes more secure apps
  • Prevents apps from being accidentally interfered with
  • Lessens the likelihood of viral infection
  • Increases stability
  • Most-likely makes the application cross-platform (unless using platform specific modules/libraries)
  • Easier to manage
  • Allows for a speedier application (because the registry can get heavily fragmented)
  • Allows for full control over your application (no more relying on Microsoft’s Registry as your database.

I herby challenge all developers ESPECIALLY MICROSOFT to sandbox all applications and completely remove the need for the registry. Better applications will be made, it will make these applications more secure, it will make more cross platform apps, and will make the system more secure as well as the application itself.

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