In Need Of Beta Testers

What the heck is a beta tester? Well, a beta tester is a person who tests out a program that is close to completion and is checking to make sure that it is compatible with different versions of different operating systems (like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X Tiger, Mac OS X Leopard, Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.). In our case, we are testing our program our long awaited program Software Maintenance™. We are very excited about our daemon (a program that runs with limited-to-no user interaction). This program runs (in the BETA version) CCleaner and Auslogics Disk Defragmenter without you having to install it, run it, open up the next part, run that, close the program, open up the next run it and wait for it to finish, etc. SM (Software Maintenance) runs by itself. We have thought of some new features (including a start up interface), but for now, it is click and walk away. It will run itself and will end itself. Eventually, you might be able to give it the option to shut down after it is finished, but for now, it is click and done. Tell us what you thing (in the last phase of the beta, you will get these promised features). Please let us know what we need to improve upon and what needs to be fixed before we implement the final features of the beta. Check the SM page on the website for the support forums and much more.

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