Diigo is delicious times 3!!! I have been having to do annotations in school and I was planning on printing out websites, using paper and pen, but I look online and BAM…Diigo. Diigo is like delicious (it is a social bookmarking site) and it allows web annotations. You can make notes on a webpage, highlight text, share with friends, and SEE IT ALL WHEN YOU VISIT THE PAGE (and you are logged in). This has been great because I can annotate a page and have my professor open a link to the annotated page (it is original page with my notes on it). If you are in school, doing research, or want to become knowledgable, use Diigo to help you annotate and bookmark. By the way, did I mention that there is a Google Chrome extention, Firefox Bar, and Safari Bookmarklet (there are probably extentions for other browsers as well). Great work Diigo! We will try and integrate Diigo with ZPU Systems very soon. If you register When you register, don’t forget to add me as a friend. You can find ME with the profile name: zbornheimer.

Diigo Logo

EDIT: What I forgot to mention is the one negative about Diigo. It is great, but it doesn’t have the size following as delicious. I will still be using delicious, but I will also be using Diigo. Digo is great, but, as of right now, it’s no delicious.

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