Software Maintenance: Award Winning

We won an award! Software Maintenance (click the image to check it out) was the first major product from ZPU Systems and I was informed this morning that, without us submitting the product, it has been awarded the 100% Free Softpedia award and added to the Softpedia database! So here’s what you can expect soon…


Twitter stinks when it is crowded with junk.  I have recently hit 4000+ followers and I was following most of them, until recently.  I decided that I wanted a pleasant experience from Twitter, so I cleaned my following list. I am currently following ~40 people because I want to follow them, not because of some […]


What is Zeke? Zeke is my MacBook Pro, which has undergone countless revisions. The following is the tale describing how I came to meet Zeke (and Fiona along the way)…yes that was a Zoids reference.

Seriously though, this did you ever want to know about a computer scientist’s computer? Now, you can read about mine and see it in action!

Hard Drive Security

Let me give you a hypothetical situation: you’re selling your computer on eBay or Craigslist and you clean out your hard drive so no one can get your personal information. You clean your hard drive by reformatting, removing the partition, or deleting all your personal files, moving it to the recycle bin, and emptying the […]

On Internet Law

Internet Laws are foolish. Internet Laws are nonsensical agreements by nations on an anarchist medium. Internet Laws should not exist. Now, I will justify these statements, but I must first say that these views are mine and mine alone; these statements don’t necessarily reflect the views of Zysys. I will be discussing: SOPA, PIPA, and […]

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most awesome thing I have seen in a while. Bitcoin is a distributed online digital currency that is worth real money because we say it is worth something and is completely anonymous and very secure. Here’s how it works (as far as I know…it’s really complex):

iWork and Microsoft Office

You have a Mac. You want to be able to create documents and there are 4 options for you. 1) iWork 2) Microsoft Office 3) Open Source Software 4) Web Based Software Both options 3 and 4 are valid and reasonable options, for your office needs. For this particular post we will be covering iWork […]

Biometrics and the Mac

It’s quite frustrating to us when we have a great idea and other people have implemented it. Don’t misunderstand, we are happy strong ideas are arriving into the world, but we are disappointed that we weren’t the ones to make it happen. That being said, I should clarify. Biometrics on the Mac stink!


It’s official, Zysys is online! If you are reading this, you must know that. Zysys is the final stage in the evolution of ZPU Systems. The evolution went as follows: ZPU Systems to The Technetronics Group to Zysys.


Yes, this is a post on bullying, but I can promise you that this is not what you expect. By the way, I think I should express that these views are mine and, although I would like them to spread like wildfire, for now, they are mine and mine alone. Bullying is stupid. Both sides. […]