Twitter stinks when it is crowded with junk.  I have recently hit 4000+ followers and I was following most of them, until recently.  I decided that I wanted a pleasant experience from Twitter, so I cleaned my following list.

I am currently following ~40 people because I want to follow them, not because of some social agreement.

Not really sure what Twitter is?

Twitter is really cool for sharing information, like your latest blog post (Follow @ZysysOrg), and also for relaying a message to many people.

Who wants to see a flood of information always updating so fast that you can’t do anything about it?  Well, I don’t and, if you don’t, you should clean out your Twitter feed too.

There are a couple cool tools for this, but I used Tweepi because I could remove followers, without waiting for a refresh.


That was my post.  I wanted to keep it at or under 140 words because Twitter posts can only be 140 characters.  If you still consider this part of the post, I went over…big whoop 🙂

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