A Review of the iPod Touch

1st Generation iPod Touch

As I type this on my iPod touch, I am astounded at all the available options, features, and apps (availible with the iPhone upgrade — approximately $10). Some cool features include:
1. Onscreen keyboard
2. Directional sencing
3. AutoCorrect/Suggestions
4. Magnifier
5. MultiTouch Capabilities
6. WiFi
7. Built-in apps (even if you don’t have the iPhone upgrade)

Also, I’m not necessarily recommending this, but you can Jailbreak the iPod touch. This means you can install 3rd party apps.

The battery life on the iPod touch is just okay when listening to music. The battery life (according to Apple) lasts 5 hours, but I have noticed less personally. This is prob

Time to explain those features!

1. Onscreen keyboard
I was very surprised the first time I used it because it was so accurate. It is her good and it is complimented by a good AutoCorrect and suggestion system. The only major problem I have with the keyboard (should be called an annoyance) is that sometimes it overbakspaces. If you hit backspace too many times, it might keep yoing until your document is empty. The way around this is hit space immediatly after you notice that it will not stop deleting every character one by one.

2. Directional Sencing
In many of the apps, if you change the position you are holding the iPod in to horizontal/ vertical, you will notice that it changes too. In Safari, for example, the screen changes too. Very cool.

3. AutoCorrect/Suggestions
As I am typing this, I am making spelling mistakes, but it is correcting most words I misspell. It is vet usefull, but it occasionally is incorrect.

4. Magnifier
If you make an error and you need to go back, but you can’t just guess where it is, you can place your dinger near it and hold it there and a magnifying glass shows up and you can move your cursor with more accuracy.

5. MultiTouch Capability
Some apps have MultiTouch Capabilities and you can use more than one finger for different functions. If you put two fingers on the screen and move them to opposite sides of the screen at the same speed, the screen zooms in. If you put two fingers on the screen and move them together at the same speed, the screen zooms out. If you tap the screen twice (like double-clicking), it zooms to fit true selection to the screen. If you do that procedure again, it zooms out.

7. WiFi
WiFi = Internet
If you have access to a WiFi connection, you have access to the internet. For all those people who are going to email me and say that it is not necessarily true that WiFi = Internet, I know. I am saying this as a generalized, easy-to-understand way of describing WiFi. Please don’t email me saying that there is much more to it. If you want to have an email conversation about, then I have know problem with you emailing me. I repeat, don’t email me if you want to tell me that I an wrong and am a liar unless you are willing tovget into a debate about it.

8. Apps
Most apps require that you have the iPod firmware/upgrade. The ones that are included, such as mail, calander, etc., don’t require the firmware upgrade. Some of the cool apps, like the one i’m using (wordpress) require it. The apps are a must have and I recommend purchasing the upgrade as soon after you get it as possible because it is definatly a must have.

My Rating:

If an Apple Developer is reading this some reccomendatuons include:

1. Longer battery life (for apps and music)
2. Include the iPhone firmware
3. Avalible Internet plan (like the AT&T Internet plan for iPhones).
4. Put a feedback link on the iPod touch site, so we, the consumers, can report our suggestions easily.


I love the iPod touch and give of 4.5 out of 5 stars. To read more about the iPod touch, go to:


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