Why Firefox Stinks, It’s Adobe’s Fault

I’ve decided that I am going to write this post as a letter to Adobe and why I think that Flash needs to die.

Dear Adobe,

I have recently switched to Firefox (as of version 9.0) on my MacBook Pro because it is the fastest browser on the Mac (in JavaScript Rendering and Memory Usage).  I only have 2 problems with Firefox: the title bar, the stupid downloads window, and memory, and you all cannot control the first two.

Memory on Firefox 9.0+ has been phenomenal and, as I key this in Firefox 10.0.1, memory usage is at it’s best, but whenever I open up any sort of Flash Video, the memory usage of the Flash Plugin overwhelms my 2.66 GHz Dual Core Processor.  I have found that Flash not only poses the security risks that we all know about, but it also slows down my computer.  When I want to watch Hulu, I must use flash.  Also, Flash can be very buggy (currently, I am experiencing a bug where the cursor disappears and sometimes the audio and video won’t match up until I reinitialize Flash).

NewsFLASH!! Flash is not on any of the iOS devices because:

  1. Flash will be dead when HTML 5 is running Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, and most other Video hosting sites.
  2. Flash has security holes that open up the user’s computer to potential scripting attacks.
  3. Flash is slow, a memory hog, dangerous, and CPU-intensive.

I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to bash Flash.  All I’m trying to say is that its day is over and it’s time for both JavaScript and HTML5 to reign.  JavaScript and HTML5 allow for cross-platform and native web-apps, videos, audio, websites, and games that just look, run, and feel amazing (without requiring a super-computer to run well).

Adobe, I think it’s just about time to retire Flash…when there are industries devoted to blocking content created in Flash, you know there’s a problem.

Thanks, Adobe, for some wonderful years and good luck to you with Flash…you’re gonna need it because it’s slowly being replaced (as of today, I am taking part in the YouTube trial to replace flash with HTML5).


A user who is ready to break-up with you.

P.S. When I was referring to Flash, I was referring to “Adobe Flash” not “Flash” from the comics.

P.P.S. MOZILLA!!!  I didn’t forget about you 🙂  Would you PLEASE remove the Title Bar and replace the downloads window with a Chrome-like downloads bar that appears when you download something?  I’m too lazy to edit the source code myself 😛  Thanks!

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