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Google+, Twitter, and Facebook…they are a pain to deal with because you have to go to three places.  Let’s say you want to tell everyone in your circles, all your followers, and your friends that your child just was just accepted to an Ivy League College, that you created a new YouTube video that they would want to see, or maybe that you just want to tell them your thoughts on the game, but you are as lazy as I am and can’t be bothered to update  three things.  What are us lazy-folk to do???


So lets talk about the goal: be able to update one thing and have it update everything.  Now we might not want to always update Google+ and Twitter the same way, but we would like to be able to update them both (along with Facebook) if we so desire, so the goal is for us to be able update Google+ and have it appear on Twitter and Facebook .  As of now, I haven’t found a good way to update Google+ from Twitter or Facebook, but I find that irrelevant.  As time goes on, I’m liking the Google+ Interface more and more and it starting to surpass both Facebook and Twitter in my approval.  So here’s what I did to increase my laziness:

  1. Update Twitter from Facebook
  2. Update Facebook from Twitter
  3. Update Twitter from Google+

This method will allow you to update both Twitter and Facebook from Google+ using Twitter!  Finally, laziness prevails.  So, let’s talk about execution.  Before we start, log into your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts.

Update Twitter from Facebook

Head over to and you should see something like this.

Now, click the Link My Profile to Twitter and it should redirect you to a screen like this:

Authorize the app and it will direct you the following screen; keep in mind that you might not have the same check boxes checked as I do, but this is what I use for my updates:

Great!  Now whenever you update Facebook, it will update Twitter.  Now, on to the second step; updating Facebook from Twitter (by the way, this WILL NOT create an infinite loop of posts).

Update Facebook from Twitter

So now, head over to your twitter profile by going to and you should see something like this:

On the bottom, click “Connect to Facebook” and it will prompt you for access…grant it the access it requests.  After that, you should get something like this:

Now make sure that it updates the right thing.  If you are trying to update your wall, add it to your Facebook profile otherwise add it to the appropriate page.  Keep in mind, you cannot have two accounts linking to the same Facebook account even if one is linking to a page and the other to a wall.  Now save your changes and you’ll get this:

Great!  One more step to go!

Update Twitter from Google+

This one is the coolest step…and the last one.

Head over to and click the Sign in with Twitter link in the top right hand corner:

Post a private update with just you and +Rob McGee (the Robot) and paste in your authentication code…after you sign in with Twitter, they’ll give it to you.

Wait 30 seconds then delete that update and try it out.  What I did is I created a test saying “I posted this via G+ to both FB and Twitter!” and make sure only to share with +Rob McGee for this particular test; after this test, you can just add +Rob McGee to whomever you are sharing with to have it post to Facebook and Twitter.



And there you have it, easy to post status updates for the three major platforms of social networking…now us lazy people can update Google+ and have it update Twitter and Facebook.

Now that we’ve successfully made it easy for you to update your networks, why not add me to them 🙂

Did this help you maintain your laziness?  Let me know in the comments ^_^

+1 for Lazy People.

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