AdFly is a cool way of making money trough links. A basic url shortener and a way to get paid, AdFly allows us regular folk a method of making money online. After registration, you can put in your paypal address and at the $5 payout, GET PAID!!! Its that simple.

There are three types of links: interstitial (ad is shown before getting to the destination like, banner ad (ad is shown in a frame above the site like, and a ad-free link (like

You get paid (a fraction of a penny) every time a user clicks on your link and actually goes to the destination page (interstitial mean wait 5 seconds then click continue). You get paid more for interstitial ad links than banner ad links which pays more than ad-free links (which pay nothing).

I personally like this tool because it allows you to make some extra revenue off links. Another cool feature is that you get a basic version of analytics for the clicked links (which links were clicked and how many times were they clicked).

So, that’s the rundown on So be sure to sign up!!



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