My MacBook Pro Was Terrible

A Personal Anecdote from Zach Bornheimer:

You may think that this article will bash Apple, but it only will for about 40%. I brought my computer to the Apple store to get the screen and trackpad replaced because there was dirt and discoloration on the screen and the trackpad didn’t click very well. When the Apple tech was looking at my screen, the backlight went out. I was told that it would be 5-7 days for the repair. I backed up all of my data on a new 1TB 2.5″ HD using Carbon Copy Cloner, so I gave up my computer and, for the two days, I was counting the hours. On the third day I received a call that my computer they sent it out, it was repaired, and the received it, so it is ready to be picked up. I commuted to the Apple store and stood in an extremely hot and crowded room where, although there was no lack of Apple techs, there was a lack of space. After waiting in line for about 20 minutes, they brought my computer out. I asked to check it out before I signed the paperwork. I looked at it and it looked like they replaced the trackpad, but the rotated the screen. The screen still had discoloration and dirt, but both were larger and on the other side of the screen (as if the screen was flipped). I talked to the Lead Genius and he gave me options. The first option was that they give me a new computer. I said yes to the first so many times, that we didn’t even discuss the second option. After setting up my new computer, it is so much better. The keyboard is quiter, the startup sound of the CD drive is quieter, the trackpad WORKS(!!!!), the screen is perfectly clear, and it has iLife ’11. This brings me to wonder, why do I always have such bad luck with purchasing a computer (I had bad luck with my IBM too)? Apple, you made a terrible computer, but I fell in love with this replacement. My original MacBook Pro WAS terrible, but my new MacBook Pro IS awesome!

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