A Review of One of The Greatest Web Browsers

This review is about one of the greatest browsers I have ever used. This review is about the 0.3 version, but the features still apply to the 1.x version. This browser is one of the greatest browsers I have ever used and was well worth the wait. Great job Google. By the way, the browser is called Google Chrome. The title of Chrome is ironic because chrome refers to the toolbars and bars on your browser. Chrome has next to none (The omni-bar, optional bookmarks bar, and tabs).

Chrome Features

The above link will take you to Google’s description of the features in Google Chrome.

Our Rating:

4.5 Stars

Our Review:

I have been using Google Chrome for a while now and I am astounded. It took them two years to create this web browser, but it was well worth the wait. Some key features include:

-Task Manager

-“Sandboxed” Tabs

-JavaScript Speed Boost



-Incognito Window

Poor Qualities:

-Not fully compatible with many sites, yet

-The Task Manager allows you to end frozen tabs and flash easily.

-”Sandboxed” tabs are tabs in their own individual sandboxes. You can imagine them as a kid playing in a sandbox. Imagine 3 sandboxes. One in Europe, one in N. America, and one in Africa. If one becomes flodded, the others are not effected. The same idea applies. (If one tab or plug-in crashes, others are not effected)

-Javascript speed has more than doubled compared to firefox and have increased close to 10x Internet Explorer 7.

-V8 is the engine of Chrome. It is also open-source (meaning you can see the original code that it is made from)

-It learns as you go. For example, if you searched ZPU Systems, and you went into the omnibar (like the address bar) you type ZPU (it should then pop-up) and then you could hit tab and search the site directly. The new tab learns from your history for the sites you most visited.

-The incognito window lets you visit sites, but not have the record in your history. Downloads still are downloaded to the default directory (My DocumentsDownloads)

To see Google’s demonstration in its press release, play the movie below (52 min — Speed Comparison starts around 39:55)


  1. Wow, impressive indeed! Makes me want to download chrome.

  2. hey zach wats up with u man
    well i was the hp tech with whom u spoke that day.
    sory i was not able to resolve ur issue,and i rechecked the ticket and saw that the other tech was also not able to do so.
    but i will make sure that i escalate the matter and someone will contact u in the next days..
    about chrome wel im myself a big fan of it.
    and im using it from the time google released it..
    but try flock too..
    its impressive.. and tell me ur comments

  3. Your web page does not correctly work in safari browser

    • I have checked on BrowsrCamp earlier (a compatibility check for Mac OS X running Safari) and it works fine. I developed the site on Google Chrome so it should work on windows. What pages did you have a problem on? What makes you think that it is not working correctly? If it would help, send us a screenshot of the page in question and we can respond to your problem quickly and efficiently.

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