New and Strange vs Old and Familiar

The new and strange Windows Vista or the old and safe Windows XP… what should you buy when it comes to a new Windows computer. Personally, I recommend you wait until Christmas time 2009 (around December 25, 2009). A new operating system, Windows 7, will be released in December 2009. That isn’t the topic though. I have used XP and Vista and they are both good operating systems. The main thing that will tell you what OS to pick is the computer. If the computer says that it is made for Vista, use Vista or lower. Remember that the computer says “Made For ______” for a reason. Anther think to take into consideration is the “expiration date” on the OS. XP “expires” (support stops) in 2010. Windows 7 is, in my opinion, the way Vista should be. Vista will be gone soon as well because it will become a stepping stone from XP to 7. It’s time for my recommendation.My recommendation is to buy Vista (if you are buying a new computer), but if you have XP, you are fine too. If you are buying a computer that comes with XP, think twice about the computer because that means, usually, that they don’t have the right hardware or they are trying to cut the cost down. If the cost is under $500 (with XP), don’t buy the computer.

In Summary:

My Advice:

  • Buy Vista for a new computer (if you can’t wait)
  • Don’t upgrade XP to Vista (Upgrade to Service Pack 3 if you haven’t already)
  • If you can wait until December of 2009 (Christmas time for sales), buy a computer with Windows 7.

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