Learning PHP … My Take On It

As a computer programmer, I enjoy learning new programming languages and this was probably one of the easiest programming languages to understand. I am not done learning PHP, but it was a very good thing for the site. After writing dozens of html pages, PHP was a nice break from it. XAMPP is a great program and I used it to view my PHP files because PHP only runs on a web server. XAMPP stands for X Apache MYSQL PHP Perl and this program helps you install an apache server and PHP. An apache server is basically a web server that you can use to develop and see a webpage (I used it for PHP). If you think you have one running, you can type “localhost” or “” in the address bar in your browser. I developed an entire sector for the website in the apache server running on my computer. Soon I will be rewriting the whole site in PHP (the main look will not change), but it is easier for us to manage. PHP is very similar to the syntax of Perl and C. Perl is a data management language and C is a programming language that is used for programming hardware and software to work together. In summary, PHP is a web programming language that ZPU Systems will soon use entirely because of the minimal effort required to create a webpage with maximum results achieved.

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