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ZPU Systems is now a part of The Technetronics Group!!!! ZPU Systems IS The Technetronics Group. This move allows much more growth for ZPU Systems and The Technetronics Group alike. As President and CEO of The Technetronics Group, I am making sure that the business practices, clientele, moral standards, and devotion to innovation are satisfied by this move.

Right now, www.ZPUSystems.com will be functioning, but will be redirecting to TechnetronicsGroup.com. If you find any problems with the site, please let me know by emailing me (my email address is in the author box below). Please bear with us as we work out the kinks đŸ™‚

We will be migrating email lists, user accounts, social networking pages, and much more within the next few weeks along with some interesting new products and designs. Stay tuned to The Technetronics Group to access everything you could before and more.

For your knowledge we will be releasing a new product within 24 hours of this post that will (we hope) revolutionize web security.

Thank you for you continued support!!

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Zachary Bornheimer
President & CEO of The Technetronics Group


  1. Do u know a good, safe(from virus) blogging site that is easy..other than myspace,facebook, and twitter.

    • Zach Bornheimer says:

      In fact, The Technetronics Group now hosts other blogs. If you are interested, contact me through the contact form and we might be able to set something up.


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