What can we offer you?

  • Technical Support*
  • A WordPress Website with hundreds of dollars worth of included features
  • Managing your current website
  • We can create custom software to fit your needs.
  • We can build you custom computers for competitive rates
  • We can design logos and graphics for you and your organization
  • Data Recovery**


To whom do we cater?

To you, silly!  We cater to anything you need.  Zysys has worked successfully with Personal and Enterprise clients fulfilling all their technical needs.   We have worked with small (less than 15 employees) and with larger corporations with thousands of employees all across the globe.  We have also created strong relationships with our personal clients and can support them in their needs, spanning from training to setup to data recovery.


Get Technical Support


Get Your Website

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* Some proprietary software is so proprietary that there is no information about debugging that software, so we may be able to point you in the right direction, but we may not be able to do it ourselves.

** Data may or may not be recoverable through our means.  If we cannot recover the data, it does not mean that the data is definitely gone, but just that we cannot access it.  The safest Data Recovery is through Backup Software.  If you are not backing up, send us an email at and we can help you set it up or create a custom backup solution for you.