Zysys’s mission is to solve problems for those that need help and educate along the way.

About Zysys

Our speciality is softwareeducation, and algorithmic design.

History: Zysys is an organization that originally formed in December of 2011.  The group’s genesis was as ZPU Systems which then became The Technetronics Group, and, as it expanded, the name needed to change.  ZPU Systems was primarily the company associated with Zach Bornheimer’s day to day business with helping solve technical problems for people.  The Technetronics Group moved more into technological consulting.  As product and service demand increased, Zysys was born.  Zysys moved into a more big picture role where goals, direction, and execution are all addressed in house.

Client Relationship: We believe in a more involved, long-term relationship with our clients where the vast majority of issues, big or small are relayed to us so we can solve them and perhaps develop solutions to problems that, ordinarily, may not have been discovered.

Learn more about our strategy design and why we work with enterprise: https://zysys.org/let-us-be-your-cto/


About Zach Bornheimer

Zach Bornheimer is the CEO of Zysys.  Bornheimer specializes in the intersection between Computer Science and Linguistics with a focus in application for Artificial Intelligence (Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing).

See Zach Bornheimer’s Resume here: http://resume.zachbornheimer.com/