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February 27, 2014

MORE FRANKLINS B.U half dollar available-350$ FREE SHIPPING!!!

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that is 20 coins , or 10$ face value of Brilliant Uncirculated coins, if possible I will let you pick date and/or mint-mark.

(this of course is for common dates Franklins like 61-62-63 P & D mint-marks…)


February 24, 2014

Silver bites: PM’s at 4 months high, AGE Proof premiums UP!

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Gold and silver scored today another good day, with silver very comfortable at 22$ and change and gold up about 10$ all day, both metals closed the day at just about the high of the day. Some corrective small pull back possible. We are in a good rally this 2014!

Premiums for AGE proof at almost 300$ over spot/oz! That is the highest I can remember in many months or more! Not many are available and the demand is strong.


February 20, 2014

2-19 silver bites: caution, indeed

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We did correct yesterday, as expected after 11 sessions in green, about 50 cents for silver. However, this is a good thing, better cool off a little bit that RSI! by the end of day silver was already back at opening levels, mid 21’s, and that was a very good sign. There is still chance to test major resistance at 22.50$ soon, very soon. FED, profit taking, all was in the play yesterday and acted as per script. Nothing to worry about. Physical market has been VERY, VERY active. It was months that we did not experienced such high volumes in both gold and silver, almost non-stop action all day…another bullish signal! stay tuned for more updates soon and with the white metal resuming his rally already today or/and tomorrow!


February 18, 2014

Silver bites 2-18: a little euphoria , but with caution

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It is a good time for PM and silver today was looking pretty good, reversed from overnight lower prices, during the morning hours was already recovering most of the negative and flirted with 22$ for quite sometime… You would say that the past couple of weeks almost make you feel like “is 2009-2010” all over again! A little euphoria is there, but I also take it with caution:

Yes, we flirted with 22$ mark today and may test the  solid resistance at 22.50 this week…HOWEVER is also getting a little ahead of himself and a profit-taking correction back to around the 20$ major support is also possible  in the next week or two, if you look at gold, we could run to 1360-1400$ level, then correct to, say, 1250-1275 and then UP again. Look very bullish and would for a reverse H&S on the longer term chart. And THEN shoot higher toward the 1600$ level later on. But as I said , with caution, a little correction is also coming soon after this rally.

Premiums for silver are stable, ASE at around 3$ over, Gold Eagle few bucks cheaper as well as the Canadian Maples,





February 17, 2014

Silver update: a stellar week

Filed under: Precious metals world —— silververitas @ 7:19 am

Gold up 4%, silver up 7% after Friday market action propelled metals over key resistances and well above 200 MDA.

Looks like the metals are waking up in the fashion we can only remember from the year 2009-2011… Some think gold will go right through 1350/1400$ and 23.50$, but I do feel like $1350 and $22.50 are not so sure to be resistances that we can erase in just 1 or 2 trading days… Not trying to put down this recent rally, I am enjoying it, but 22.50$ is a solid resistance for silver and we are approaching overbought territory. We’ll see, hope that I am wrong and it will be even faster for the metals to go higher. In particular silver will get a real boost after the 25$ mark…

February 10, 2014

Silver bites 2/10

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I was glad that we mentioned PM’s bullish in the short term few days/weeks ago and last week we had silver closing with his best week in 6 months and gold stable and up 6% YTD. Not yet out of the woods or propelled above key resistance levels , but getting closer. These levels for gold are very important and silver is still lacking behind but that is “normal” for the white metal… I like the fact that metal are finally moving in the opposite direction of the equities market, as they should , something that was not the case last year and the previous and also a reason for frustration for many of us. If the safe haven status is back and the markets are heading down, the debt ceiling is next, and much more is headed this way, then we should be having soon a good 2014!

On the physical market i wanted to point out that we received 25,000 ASE last Thursday and by Friday they were all on the shipping cart ( and also on the floor due to the lack of space…) less than 24 hrs! We also experienced good demand in gold ( 20 francs and Sovs. ) and I personally sold last week hundreds of each specimens.

Premiums haven’t change much, more updates coming soon!

Ciao and thanks for reading!

January 26, 2014

Premiums for bullion

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.999 Silver

NEW 2014 ASE original rolls… +3. 50$ over spot (.999 silver) ***DISCOUNTS FOR 100+ oz

Buffalo Golden State mint rounds (IRA app.) B.U new coins just minted …  + 1. 25$ over spot  ***DISCOUNTS FOR 100+ oz

90% silver

Dimes & quarters pre 1964 -90% silver-    ***for this week***    16$X time face value(i.e 100$ of 90%=1,600 US$)

*Maples and any other silver product are available , just email me and I will quote you…


American Gold Eagle 1 oz gold………..     +55$ over spot (10 AGE at only +50$ over spot)

Canadian Maple Gold 1 oz (.9999)…..      +45$over spot (10 MP at only +40$ over spot)

Krugs.       1 oz gold…..                                      +45$ over spot ( min 5)


*Competitive price in any pre 33 gold certified NGC or PCGS, price is always below their own web site-  guarantee

*any product in gold available, just email me for premiums







January 25, 2014

Days of the Dow

Filed under: Precious metals world —— silververitas @ 8:37 pm

Thursday, and more evidently Friday, we had a flashback of what a market crash looks like. Not a crash yet, but we got the idea. Margins are at an all time highs, P/E are ridiculous, the Dow 5 yrs chart look like it was made by an expert in topography and an architect who wanted the perfectly balanced staircase… No matter what , no matter the bad or good news we have seen the market keep going up, totally dysfunctional, illogical, uncalled for. That was also a very bad environment for PM’s. Most of the money are “trapped” in equities, bonds and, partially, in other assets classes and still away from the slower money held in PM’s. Should the DOW continue his nosedive ( sooner or later someone was going to flush the toilet anyway, I have been saying this since second half of 2013) and, the outflows of money out of equities are indeed good news for gold & silver… stay tuned since it is starting to get interesting around the world…Ciao.



January 23, 2014

Gold on the move, silver still quiet

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Today Gold, helped by the weak dollar and data, scored a good day. I am so glad that 3 days ago I had the intuition to write about short term move toward the end of the month. Gold gained 2 % and passed an important resistance and a 2 month high close, also above the 50 MDA. We did 1262.50, and there is  also 1267 and 1275 minor resistances, but the key level is 1260$~, a closing above tomorrow would be the best case scenario and a bullish reversal signal after bears loosing ground this week… Silver stabilized at 20$ after 20.30$~ high.  Silver will follow gold , and overshoot, but usually gold leads the way. Fine for me. By the way, I opened the first monsterboxes of 2014 ASE the other day, NICE COINS, I think they get a better, sharper aspect every year, if you know what I mean… I will get some for myself!ciao

January 20, 2014

Silver update: Metals are looking better and better for the short-medium term

Filed under: Precious metals world —— silververitas @ 9:13 pm

Just a quick line: Premiums for ASE up a quarter, or about 3.25$ over spot ~ AGE premiums are stable or few bucks less. The PM’S sector, and I must say mining sector as well, are looking good also on the short-medium term:  I really think that the past few days we started to see the case for a double bottom, and it is almost confirmed at these levels.

At the end of the month we have the Chinese new year, between then and February gold and silver are posed for a more meaningful rally than we have seen so far.

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