Your Stupidly Secure Password, Architechted with Algorithmic Randomness


LastPass is the best way to secure your passwords.
We use it at Zysys. You should use it too.
Just don't use their generate password feature.

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This site uses the following code to generate your password:

    use Ragnarok;
    use Math::Random::Secure 'rand';
    chomp(my $d = `date +%s`);
    my $r = new Ragnarok();
    $r->properties(ABOUTKEY, (((rand($d)+rand($d)) % rand($d)) * rand($d)) /rand($d));
    $r->properties(ABOUTCODE, (((rand($d) / rand($d)) + rand($d)) / rand($d)));
    return $r->generate(PROOF);

This site uses the Ragnarok Encryption Algorithm